A New Little Kukla Outfit for Blythe

The purple Little Kukla print from Suzy Ultman’s designs for Robert Kaufman is certainly very popular. I had some small pieces left from the last lot of fabric that I bought and so I made this Blythe shorts, jacket and bow set, which Stormie is modelling. I have it on good knowledge that this set also fits Dal dolls!

I recently ordered some more Little Kukla fabric and it is waiting for me to sew it into Blythe coats. After I sew 40 balldresses for the Barbies that are going to the Meadows Festival – ulp!

This Little Kukla outfit is in my shop.

A Set Of Blythe Clothes in Muted Browns

Here is another set of Blythe clothes based around a cream raw silk skirt. This set is in muted browns and greens and has cream lace flower details. Stormie, my Blythe, is a Bohemian Peace and I think she really suits these sorts of colours. The set is in my shop for £7.50.

I Made A Pink Outfit for 1996 All Grown Up Teen Skipper – And It Fits Blythe!

I rescued a 1996 “All Grown Up” Teen Skipper doll a while ago. These dolls have really lovely long hair, even though this particular Skipper had some plugs missing along her forehead. She’s smartened up quite nicely and I didn’t want to reroot those plugs. Recently I made her a set of pink clothes from some Blythe patterns I have. I’m very pleased to have found out that Teen Skipper has the same size body as Blythe does, so these clothes she’s wearing will also fit Blythe (if you turn up the cuffs of the coat). The belt on Teen Skipper’s dress is made from the purple Little Kukla fabric by Suzy Ultman for Robert Kaufman which I’m very into at the moment! Skipper and her outfit are in my shop.

Happy Snowy Easter, Blythe!

Over the Easter weekend I have a set of Blythe clothes up for auction in my shop.

This set is a little fuzzy black jacket with big red buttons on it, and an A-line dress with a coffee cup print on it. The coffee cups have faces!!

Stormie likes this set and was proud of herself posing in front of daffodils and a rare blue sky. She would like to say: “Happy Snowy Easter!” to everyone.

Blythe in Brown Flowers and Raw Silk

I sewed this set of Blythe clothes last month and took photos of Stormie on our street during a rare moment of sunshine. I might have been mistaken, then, for believing Spring had started! Since then, the temperatures have been hovering around zero and there have been daily flurries of snow but at least we have these memories…

I made Stormie’s skirt from a piece of raw silk that I was given. I have another, different Blythe set based around a similar skirt. The green spotted (manmade) fabric was a Christmas present and the brown flowery (manmade) fabric I got in a bundle from Edinburgh Fabrics. I like the way these different materials tone in together.

Blythe’s Pink Styles

So, Stormie is heralding the start of spring with a set of pink clothes!

“Spring? Spring? There is snow on the ground, don’t you know?”

“We can only live in hope, darling….”

This set is currently up for auction in my shop!

A Set of Blythe Clothes in Little Kukla Russian Dolls Fabric

Two Swimming Bags I Have Made

A Lovely Swimming Bag

A Lovely Swimming Bag

In fact I made three swimming bags, one for me and two for sale. My one looks like the bag above – it has synchronised swimmers on it and it’s very handy. I made another one like this and it’s sold already! I also made one in blue and white Hawaiian print fabric. I don’t have any excuses to miss swimming because I’m all organised with my swimming bag.